Asian Association of Commerce, Culture and Education in Europe is once again honoured to present the Chinese New Year Concert in the Usher Hall on the Saturday 9th February 2019. The Chinese New Year, known as the Spring Festival, will be celebrated on stage by the Edinburgh Symphony Orchestra, the Edinburgh Singers, and many outstanding artists and soloists from China and home.

The concert involves instrumental performances and vocal virtuoso. The Chinese folk pieces such as Jasmine Flower (茉莉花) and Blooming Flowers and Full Moon (花好月圆) chosen for this occasion are renowned and traditional, and it will combine with the orchestration of western music traditions, creating an experience of multicultural voyage in your mind. Apart from the Chinese folk classics, we will also have a few favourites from the western classical repertoire along with some contemporary such as Bob Chilcott and James MacMillan. A choreography is also put together for young dancers to dance to the live orchestra playing the well-loved Blue Danube. The spectacle will surely delight your senses audibly and visually. This unforgettable night of beautiful music will finish with a rendition of Auld Lang Syne never heard before.

Farewell to the loyalty and honesty of the Dog, welcome the happiness and gentleness of the Pig. We wish to spread the blessing of a coming new year throughout the capital city of Scotland, sharing the joy and warmth of this occasion to you all. Please join us on this wonderful night of celebration!